Notifications & Updates


Major Bus Route Changes

Logistics, Transportation & Parking have completely overhauled the U-M bus routes in order to limit your duration on the bus, along with increasing other safety measures. Face coverings are required. No mask, no service. CLICK HERE for full details.

Please see the new U-M Bus Route Guide for adjusted routes and bus stop locations.

Upcoming changes to note for the North Campus Research Complex (NCRC):

  • The North-East Shuttle route, due to its length and lower utilization, is being eliminated in the system redesign.  
  • Service to the bus stop north of Building 10 (west side of Huron Parkway) will be suspended.
  • The Building 32 bus stop (west side of Huron Parkway) will now be serviced by the Med Express route. 
  • Med Express provides a connection to the main Medical Campus (no transfer required) and operates between 5:20am - 1:10am weekdays. The Frequency is 7-10 minutes until approximately 7:45pm and then every 15 minutes. Service hours and frequency are enhanced from the North East shuttle route.
  • South of NCRC at Hayward/Hubbard, frequent service is provided by all North Campus circulators (Bursley-Baits Loop, Green Rd - NW5 Loop and Northwood Loop). These circulators service North Campus destinations and provide a connection to the Campus Connector, a high-frequency route between North, Medical and Central Campuses.
  • For campus bus service, NCRC occupants on the east side of Huron Parkway can utilize the stop south of Building 32, Hayward/Hubbard, or NCAC.
  • Bio Research Shuttle provides an on-demand service between NCRC and other campus locations on weekdays. The shuttle is a shared service intended only for the transport of passengers with bio-research material. Refer to the link for hours of operation, stops and how to request service. 
  • AAATA Service/Map - As of Sunday, August 30th, routes 23 or 65 provide service closest to NCRC. Please note, these routes do not directly stop at NCRC buildings.

Riders can use Magic Bus to see real-time bus locations and arrival predictions for university bus service. You can also download the U-M Magic Bus app by searching ‘U-M Magic Bus’ at the Apple Store or Google Play.